AWT Sessions

I am really excited about the format for the 2014 AWT. In addition to the standard officer-specific sessions, there are multiple education sessions to choose from.

Discipline 101: Policies & Procedures

This program will review Alpha Xi Delta policies for probations and suspensions.  This program is designed for Chapter Life Vice Presidents and Chapter Presidents.

Motivation and Engagement: Motivating the Middle

Each of your sisters engage with the chapter in different degrees. Some are the first to volunteer for anythings, some are the last to arrive to meetings — if they come at all. Then there are the members who struggle to balance sorority life with school, work, and family. How do you reach them all?

This Program is designed for Programs Vice Presidents, New Member Orientation Chairs, Panhellenic Delegates, and Recording Secretaries

MAXing Your Philanthropy

Officers will be able to complete comprehensive Philanthropy plans that create strategic exposure of AXiD to the campus and community.

Philanthropy Chairs and Programs Vice Presidents will be able to think big picture in their events and awareness plans and understand the roles that other offices play in planning and execution.

Public Relations Chairs will be able to partner with Philanthropy chairs to create brand consistent materials and social media to best expose the campus and community to AXiD through our philanthropic efforts.

MAX Chairs will be able to identify strategic ways to utilize AXiD’s philanthropic efforts to reach target markets.

Using the Chapter Desktop: Officers, Reports, and Suspensions

This program will review the OmegaFi chapter Desktop. It will cover adding new members, changing officers, completing reports, and what to do with suspended members.

This program is designed for Financial VP, Chapter President and NMOC.

Recruitment Top Ten

This program will cover the top ten best practices and strategies as it relates to 365 member recruitment.

This program is designed for MAX Chairs, Membership VP and Panhellenic Delegates.

Its More Than A Tweet

Once it’s on the internet, it exists forever! This program will discuss strategies to educating the chapter on the negative effects of social media and the responsibility they have to themselves and the chapter to adhere to Alpha Xi Delta policies. We will go in depth to discuss social media policies and how to hold sisters accountable.

This program is designed for Public Relations VP, Chapter Life VP, Programs VP and NMOC.


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